Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses Explained

With so many different bonuses available at online Casino players may find it difficult to choose sometimes. Most of the time these bonuses are so complicated and requires players to go read up about what the requirements are and how to use the bonus or when limits apply that you were not aware of. These can be extremely frustrating factors that occur when you are looking for a casino as a new player, or when you are interested in taking advantage of a bonus at your current casinos. In this article, we will look at some bonuses and the benefits they offer.

What types of bonuses are most common?

With so many casinos available today, it can become difficult for online casinos to stand out and offer players Promotions that have value and are creatively unique. Some casinos do offer some promotions that stand out, but the most common bonuses available are created by those that are larger and more established. This is a benefit to you as a player as they have the financial stability to be in a position to “up their game” per say”.

They create Promotions in a simple easy to understand and provide you, as a player, the freedom you expect from the casino you deposit with. The most common bonuses are match bonuses, free spin bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Don’t get me wrong there are many other bonuses that one can take advantage of, but if you are hunting for the best bonuses, these will be the most common that cross your path.

Match bonuses

Match bonuses can be found at almost every casino as a welcome bonus. This is where the casino would provide players with a percentage that they will add to the amount you deposit. In other words, they will match the amount you deposit. The most common percentage is 100%, this means if you deposit $100.00 the casino will give you another $100.00. Some casinos will also give players more like 200% or 300%. Some casinos go even higher.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free Spin Bonuses are also offered by casinos as a different bonus option. This is usually offered with the match bonus that will see the casino selecting a game on which the free spins will be played. As a general rule, this type of bonus will require the free spins to be played within a certain amount of time. Most casinos will award between 50 and 100 free spins, but in some cases, will award a larger number, but this will depend on the individual casino.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses are different from those explained above. Here you are not required to make a deposit with the casino, but you are still able to play their games with real cash. How does this work? Well, the casino will give a specific amount of money that can be used to play any of their games unless specified. This amount will be joined by wagering conditions as set by the casino. Once met, you are Free to withdrawal winnings to the payment method of your choice.

What are wager requirements?

The wager requirement is the amount of times that you will need to wager the amount you deposited and the amount given as a bonus before you can withdraw some winnings from the casino. This information will be shown under your account or within the cashier section of the casino.

The purpose of the wagering requirements being in place is to provide a fair risk for both the casino and the player. The reality is the casino is giving you bonus money in the form of cash to play the games. With that comes a risk to the casino that you could win a large amount in the process. Therefore wagering terms and conditions are applied to avoid those who are hoping to bonus abuse with the casino versus play under legitimate circumstances.

The standard wagering requirements for most casinos will range from 10x to 30x. However, some casino may have much higher requirements, but this will also depend on the type of bonus you are accepting. If uncomfortable with the wagering required, it is recommended you look at another casino with more favourable wagering terms attached to the bonus. One thing worthy of noting, you are not required to accept a bonus if you prefer to play without one or a bonuses restrictions. In that case, simply Contact the Casino before playing, and your bonus will be removed, as will the wagering terms attached to it.