Free Play Casino Bonus List

Freeplay Bonuses

The world of online casinos has changed dramatically over the last decade. The most evident of those changes is in the sheer number of casinos collectively competing for your business. As such, the gambling industry is trying to innovate in every way it can. Besides offering better games and the constant releasing of new gaming content, casinos are on the constant hunt for new ways to be creative with the marketing of their casino.

One of those is to provide free money to play with, without obligations. The purpose of a freeplay Bonus is to introduce new players to all that is offered by the casino. If during the course of that freeplay they win, after making a minimum deposit, they are able to transfer their winnings to their regular player account and continue to enjoy the games.

While this seems like an attractive offer, and it is indeed just that, it is not on-par with other bonuses such as no deposit bonuses or free spins which do not require a deposit in order to claim winnings. Still, accepting a freeplay bonus is an excellent option for those who wish to receive extended play time while investing the minimal amount and having the ability to cash out winnings once terms and conditions have been met.

How Freeplay Bonuses Work

A free play bonus is very similar to a regular casino welcome bonus. However, there are some differences and these should be factored into your decision. The bonus involves a large amount of money ($1,000 or $2,000 usually), which the player gets for free, but not in the form of real money, it is given as bonus money and placed in a “bonus account”. The player is free to use that money and play for one hour or in some cases, 24 hours.

Once that time runs out, the bonus money is removed from the player bonus account, and any winnings are given to the player in the form of a bonus upon making a small deposit. It is essentially equal to accepting a new player bonus, only a fancier way of doing it.

Free Play Bonus Restrictions/Terms & Conditions

As a freeplay bonus is a bonus, with it comes a certain number of terms and conditions. As any bonus given by a casino applies risk to the casino, they take actions within their terms to protect from bonus abusers who are seeking to take advantage of the casino and play in bad faith.

As such, those terms will relate to the amount that must be wagered after accepting a bonus, and making a subsequent deposit. This is designed to allow you to enjoy the casino and its games, but also ensure that you are playing an appropriate amount (usually 20-30x)and not simply trying to dash, cash and run per say.

Some casinos will also apply maximums that can be withdrawn when playing with a freeplay bonus. This often will be limited to $100, so if you win $10,000, expecting to receive $10,000 is something that won’t happen if the terms state a maximum amount that can be withdrawn.

No Deposit Bonuses – An Alternative to Freeplay Bonuses

An alternative to a freeplay bonus is the no deposit bonus.  The details are similar to a freeplay bonus but also are distinctively different in so far as how the terms relating to your responsibilities after accepting the bonus. With most freeplay bonuses, in order to claim winnings, a minimal deposit is required, however with no deposit bonuses that is not the case.

One difference is the size of bonus that will be given, and subsequently, the chances of generating a sizeable win is far less. However, as many freeplay bonuses limit the amount of bonus money that can be claimed after the period of play has expired, the two are essentially equal.

What is important to understand is that both of these offers are meant to be an introductory bonus to the Casino. It is not the meant for you to get rich, but with a bit of luck, it is not that difficult to turn either bonus into a real money cash out, and as such, an increase to your playing bankroll.

Deciding Which Offer is Right for You

So the question becomes, which is the right one for you. If you are the type of player whose goal is to generate as large of a bonus as possible without a large deposit, then the freeplay bonus is more your cup of tea. However, if you are one that prefers a bonus without any commitment of having to deposit, then the no deposit bonus is more ideal for you.

Either way, both bonuses will have wagering conditions applied on any winnings. They may also be joined by the amount of any single wager and the type of games that qualify for play while playing under a bonus. As such, always read the terms and conditions before acceptance of a Bonus so as to avoid any possible confusion and disappointment down the road.