Online Casino Promotions

Online Casino Promotions

Promotions are a big part of what online casinos use as a method of attracting new players to their casinos. They also use promotions as a tool to retain those that play at the casino, but also as a method of rewarding those that play often and are loyal to the casino.

There are a number of promotions that are in place with most casinos. The first of those is what usually draws people’s interest, which is the welcome Bonus. This is a one-time bonus that is given at the time of registration and the completion of a first deposit with the casino. It can consist of a single deposit bonus or one that is applied to a number of deposits. Generally, the majority of promotions falling into this category are single use bonuses, but many will include additional incentives such as free spins or entry into specific tournaments.

The other style of promotions casinos will provide to their player base are geared towards an incentive program in so far that those who deposit will qualify for entry into a series of on-going promotions. These can be deposit based that will add a bonus on deposits or may reward deposits on specific days of the week with free spins.

Additionally, on-going promotions will focus on particular themes or events such as holidays, anniversaries, or the release of new games. These are the most common that are seen. However, others will be customisable and created by the casino that their promotions team develop based on player interests and feedback.

Festive Holiday Promotions

One of the sources used for promotions by casinos are festive holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. These are common, and most casinos will release special promotions as a way to provide an incentive to deposit during the holidays, and it often results in rather generous deposit promotions or the giving away of exclusive trips or gift packages.

In addition to the above, holiday themed promotions often are geared towards free spin giveaways, freeroll tournaments or entries into special draws. In the event of draws, these are achievement based and usually will award tickets into a draw based on the amount wagered at the casino.

Sporting Event Promotions

This is another popular tool used by promotion teams. As there are multiple major sports events throughout the year, and in some cases, every four years, online casinos will design promotions that are based around those sporting events.

These include the World Cup, the Stanley Cup playoffs and others such the Olympics. This style of promotion may run in advance of a particular sports event and award a number of tickets to see the finals and at times, include free air travel, hotel accommodations and a spending allowance.

Entertainment /Award Show Promotions

Special events that occur relating to the entertainment industry are also common and used as a way to generate interest in depositing and playing with the casino. They may include special promotions for the Oscars, Emmy’s or the Grammy’s.

Promotion Classification – What they Mean and Which are Best

What is important to understand is that most promotions are similar in so far as the type of rewards that will be up for grabs. While those online casinos that have a larger level if success will release promotions as stated above, those most successful will have dedicated promotion teams that use their creative juices in order to create customised promotions that are more player interactive and rewarding.

However, the promotions that are released fall into three categories. Those that are garmented to award a specific prize, and those that require those participating in the promotion to fulfil certain tasks or requirements in order to receive a prize or entry into a draw. The third category is wagering based and will require players entering to meet certain wagering requirements to qualify for particular prizes.

The first of those tend to offer larger prizes so as to generate more interest. These are the promotions that often will award higher end prizes such as electronics or trips.  The second of those mentioned tend to be smaller in value as more players are able to participate and qualify for specific bonuses or Free spin bonuses. Finally, the third being wagering are those that are less equally based and more geared towards those that play more often and wager higher limits, as they tend to be able to climb to the top of the leader board more easily.